Bloody Good Horror: The T-Shirt

It's the beginning of October, which means it's time to celebrate! Let's face it; if you're a fan of the Bloody Good Horror Podcast and a regular here at the site, you've been waiting for this month all year. You have your candy already bought, your costume is reaching the final stages and your DVD's are all dusted off and lined up for your 31 day movie marathon. There's one thing you're missing though. You can't figure it out at first, you're searching around the house looking for that one thing to make your October great, and then it dawns on you; you don't have anything to wear to celebrate your favorite Horror Podcast!

Don't worry folks. We've got your back. We're here to save your casual Friday, to make your Halloween friends jealous and make you stand out in the movie theater crowd! This October, we're teaming up with artist Adam Maida and Tee Public to release the first Bloody Good Horror T-Shirt!

You can have this Adam Maida original in Black, for only $20! To order, just head over to Tee Public, and they'll handle your every need, from purchasing to shipping!

If you like the new shirt, be sure to buy one for your Halloween sweetheart, trick-or-treating buddy or just that weird guy at your office who keeps a jack-o-lantern on his desk. If you're not feeling quite THAT generous this Halloween season, be sure to share the link with every podcast and horror fan you know! With Tee Public, we have to pre-sell 30 shirts before they'll ship, so don't panic if you don't get your shirt right away! The more we spread the word, the quicker we hit that magical 30 shirt number, and the sooner we're all stepping out in style!


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Falling in love with the sounds of his own voice, Casey can be found co-hosting the Bloody Good Horror Podcast, the spinoff Instomatic Podcast as well as the 1951 Down Place Podcast dedicated to Hammer Horror. Casey loves horror films of every budget and lives by his battle cry of 'I watch crap, so you don't have to.'

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