New Zombie OST, And it Ain't Half-Bad!

It's quite an undertaking to write a soundtrack from scratch. It's probably even more difficult to write said soundtrack without the solid visual reference of a movie that actually exists.

Yet one man, Magnus Sellergren has taken on the task, and performed it with an ear that belies a loving admiration for the horror films and soundtracks that haunted our cinemas past.

Sellergren has composed a soundtrack entitled "L'Isola dei Morti Viventi," for an imaginary movie of the same name, and taken the soundtrack from soup to nuts, theorizing the plot of the movie, the style of composition and the nature of the scenes themselves without them actually being. Sellergren then tells the story of his not-movie through the aural imagery of his soundtrack, weaving emotions and climaxes into a singularly intuitive whole.

As a one-man project, the soundtrack paints a fine picture of an island-themed zombie horror movie, carrying atmosphere capable while possessing a high-quality recurring theme and well-layered harmonies. Sellergren will tell you his creation is inspired by the collaborations of the great Lucio Fulci and Fabio Frizzi, and his soundtrack easily channels those classics of days gone by.

The OST gets a little video-gamey in spots, but by and large, this is a cool idea that's well executed and composed with studiousness, attention to detail and appreciable aplomb.

You Can Listen to the Soundtrack HERE.

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