Black Devil Doll Premieres!

We did some coverage on this film over a year ago, when it had just completed filming and we interviewed Producer Shawn Lewis, who also happens to be the head guy over at Rotten Cotton, one of the premiere Horror T-shirt distributors around.

For those who are perplexed, basically what you're looking at here is an X-Rated mashup of 70's Blaxploitation, porn, and killer doll films. Makes sense, right? The title seems possibly inspired by films such as 1964's "Devil Doll", or more specifically, 1984's "Black Devil Doll From Hell". Click on the link to our interview with Shawn above to get more information on the film, what I'm here to tell you about is the upcoming West Coast debut. It's all going down Friday, April 17th at Midnight, at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles Here's the awesome flier for the event:

In addition, Shawn has good news for anyone who can't attend this screening. It's playing that same weekend at the West Coast Fangoria Weekend of Horrors, and there are more dates lined up in other cities:

We got you covered, Black Devil Doll will be screening the same weekend in New York and Portland Orgegon. Plus several other major cities between April 17th and June 12th, we should have exact dates and times over the next few weeks, stay tuned, chances are it will hit a theater near you...

Did he say New York? Schnaars, I'm looking at you buddy. Here's a version of the trailer that can actually play on Youtube. For a decidedly NSFW version, or more info on the film, visit

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