Best of 2013 - Evan's Take

The Best!

10. Warm Bodies
2013 has been full of zombie movies, games, and books, so it was nice to have some comedy in the midst of all of the “serious” zombie business. Nick Holt managed to be an engaging and fun zombie just looking for some love.

9. Mama
While not the greatest of the year, a little gothic horror never hurt anyone. I appreciated the fairytale-turned-deadly approach that “Mama” took with the story.

8. American Mary
The set up of this movie was what compelled me to include it on the best of 2013. How many of us have been desperate to get by? The morbid form of “American Mary” was a breath of fresh air and something unexpected.

7. Would You Rather
I avoided this movie like the plague due to my disdain for torture porn movies, but I was surprised to find how enjoyable and classy “Would You Rather” was. An interesting premise following a dinner party game that goes horribly wrong, it overall kept me on edge and felt worth the viewing.

6. Carrie
I know this is not a popular pick, but I felt the direction they took Carrie’s character worked for the time we live in. While not holding a flame to the original, the focus on Kris and Carrie’s paralleled lives was a nice choice and I felt the prom scene was worth the build.

5. Prisoners
The missing child movie has been done a hundred times over, but “Prisoners” took a darker and more theatrical approach to the sub-genre. Full of twists, magnificent imagery, and constant doubt about what we’re truly seeing, this film took me back to the joy of a “whodunnit”.

4. Curse of Chucky
Gotta give some credit to a straight to DVD release! I had no hope for this faux reboot of the “Child’s Play” series, but I was pleasantly surprised at how much the director had changed since his last Chucky attempt. Strongest point had to be the variety of twists laid out throughout the film.

3. You're Next
I was so excited after hearing much about this film since 2011. A lot of reviews saw it as recycled tropes and somewhat boring, but being a slasher/home invasion fan, “You’re Next” gave some credit to the fans and went for the violence. The awesome throwback score, tongue in cheek dialogue and violence, and the final girl makes it all worth it.

2. Evil Dead
One of many remakes for the year, “Evil Dead” managed to have a new vision of the classic series that actually felt badass. The ending fight alone with the abomination makes it all worth it. I for one am looking forward to the sequel.

1. The Conjuring
James Wan had two high profile horror films out this year but “The Conjuring” was the focal point. Great atmospheric builds, well written characters, and exceptional acting, this movie felt like a big hug to the horror genre.

The Worst

3. The Lords of Salem
Once again, probably not a popular pick, but this being Zombie’s last horror movie he’ll make I was looking for so much more. Too many weird choices and random imagery doesn’t work when the whole story revolves around a rehash of “Rosemary’s Baby”. Too many flipper baby scenes.

2. The Last Exorcism Part II
Ehh. Why was this made?

1. Texas Chainsaw 3D
This has to be number one for me on the worst list because I was so excited for it! I am a huge fan of the original “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, so when I heard that a sequel to the original was coming I was over the moon. Sadly, we were given a huge disappointment where the writers tried to trick us into not realizing that the lead girl should have been in her 40’s! And this line alone killed me: “Do your thing cuz!!”

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