Atreyu Releases Zombie Killing Shooter

This is absolutely the kind of marketing gimmick I can get behind. It combines two of my favorite hobbies, heavy metal and zombie killin' wait, I mean gaming.

To celebrate next week's release of their new album, Congregation of the Damned, Atreyu has created "Metal Head Zombies," loosely based on the original Call of Duty video game. "Metal Head Zombies" is a first person shooter that requires players to protect themselves from zombies who are out for blood and attacking from all directions. If players make it to Level 6, they gain access to a never-before-heard track titled, "Gallows" from the new album. Once done mowing down the undead, make sure to pre-order your copy of Congregation of the Damned, in stores October 27th!

Shoot all the zombies you want

I gotta admit, I'm not usually one for gimmick marketing, but the shooter is plenty competant, a pleasant distraction from work, and shockingly addictive (and oddly challenging.) If you feel compelled, and can stop shooting zombies long enough, the album can be preordered through the iTunes store. I wish more metal bands would do something like this.


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