Apocalypse Mixtape Part III

Oingo Boingo

"No One Lives Forever"

1985 was a good year for Danny Elfman. His group Oingo Boingo had already had some success with their earlier albums, but the release of "Dead Man's Party" yielded their first real hits. The band played the title track in the Rodney Dangerfield-starring TBS staple Back to School, "Weird Science" was written for the John Hughes film, and "No One Lives Forever" was used in Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. Oh, and he also kicked off his career as a film composer with the score to Pee Wee's Big Adventure, the first of many collaborations with Tim Burton. I have to tip my hat to anyone who can bring together Pee Wee Herman, John Hughes, Leatherface and Rodney Dangerfield. Huzzah sir.

Geto Boys

"Cereal Killer"

Much like Oingo Boingo (and I'm sure this is the first time the two have been compared), the Geto Boys offer the horror-themed mixtape compiler an embarrassment of riches. The group referenced horror icons on many of their tracks and bad-ass midget Bushwick Bill found a kindred soul in tiny psychopath Chuckie so much that he dedicated a song to the Child's Play killer and often carried a Chuckie doll on stage. Their song "Mind of a Lunatic" was effed up enough that professional parent scarer Marilyn Manson felt obliged to do a shitty, shitty cover version. The song I've chosen for the mixtape is a somewhat obscure personal favorite of mine. "Cereal Killer" is a sugar-fueled Saturday morning cartoon fantasy gone wrong where Scarface finds out his ho Fruity Pebbles is out turning Trix so he cuts her up like Shredded Mini Wheats only to face the wrath of her ex-lover Captain Crunch.

The Louvin Brothers

"Satan is Real"

After all this all this sinnin' and a-carousin' it's a good thing that somebody out there cares about the condition of our souls. The Louvin Brothers are here to testify that Satan is real and he's a total dick who will lead good men down the dark, tragic path of unneighborliness. Also, according to their album cover he's eight feet tall and made of plywood. I guess those Judas Priest albums that made him sound so cool were all just lie-diddly-ies.

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