An Ode to Fancy Jon

The following sonnet, as we talked about on this week's podcast, was sent to the BGH main contact email by a longtime listener and friend of the show. Clearly, we have some erudite listeners.

Without any further ado, here's a poem by Changwa Steve.

How Schnaars Saved the Internet: An Ode to Fancy Jon

The internet's a sticky Stygian lair
Where seed through fierce grips is vainly spilt
While fleshy buttocks squirm in padded chairs
And crusty gymsocks mop away the guilt

And selfsame wankers turn with claws befouled
To forums where they air their fetid brains
While some among this poor and prisoned crowd
Cry for a savior where confusion reigns

As tacky horrors here proceed apace
Jon Schnaars astride an alabaster horse
Dispenses from his tophat boundless grace
And extirpates the evil at its source.

The web lay sick with soul-infecting blight
Til God created Schnaars to set things right.

(The above painting was found on the website of Gregory Eanes.)

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