Americanada the Beautiful (NIAGARA FALLS)

I just got home from Niagara Falls and what a fucking place. It's a place of romance, beer, antiquated consumerism, and of course, water. It's shocking how busy/ridiculous/decrepit the main strip is compared to how serene and beautiful the falls are. It's also shocking how everything in the area seems to be firmly stuck at least five years behind the rest of the world, like when Allison and I walked into an arcade and TATU's "All The Things She Said" was on loop and the first game we saw was the first Marvel vs. Capcom, or when the restaurant we ate at played 4 Backstreet Boys songs in one sitting. That aside, it was pretty awesome for a place that I would never want to visit twice...

Some pictures:

Allison's favorite part of the strip...

...and mine (Was Mean Gene drunk when he did this? I hope so)

Oh weird, there's a waterfall here?

Some say overcrowded, I say well integrated!

They were right about the shocking part

The scariest part of the whole tour

John Candy's dead and he still seems sketched out by me

Freddy is a huge help when ordering a drink at a bar.

LOLWHUT?! (Just as gross/delicious as it sounds)

Check the hospitality!

Home Sweet Smog

P.S. Fuck my camera for dying in the "House of Horrors" section of the Wax Museum.

For more inconsequential pics of my trip, check here


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