"ABC's of Death 2" Red Band Trailer is EXTREME

Are you ready to sate your short attention span once again? HEY! Look at me when I'm talking to you. Are you ready to sate your short attention span again...oh hell with it, just watch this extreme red band trailer for "ABC's of Death 2".

Hey, anthology flicks are fun! "ABC's of Death" had it's moments, so more can't be bad, right? Well, it probably can be bad, but looking at this extreme red band trailer, it appears they've kept their sense of humor, as well as packing him some pretty good gore. All in all? I'd have to guess the final product should be good for viewing with friends and a few beers.

"ABC's of Death 2" appears to be releasing on streaming services and VOD on October 2nd with a brief limited theatrical run on October 31st. There's way too many directors to list, so be sure to check out the film's IMDb page here.


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