A Reunion of sorts

Well, actually that is exactly what it was, a reunion. My 20th High School Reunion. I went, I drank, I enjoyed, I drank more and I suffered a bit the next day. While there, I reconnected with an old classmate named Omaha.

Actually, we were both quick to acknowledge that it was more of a connection than a reconnection, since not a word was exchanged between us in high school. Anyway, I found his impossibly cool Iggy Pop cum Sherlock Holmes business card in my wallet yesterday and decided to look up his work. To my surprise, I was very familiar visually with some of his stuff.
Omaha has a SAW V poster similar in style to those posted here that should be released in the next few weeks. For more samples of Omaha's work including his incredible graphic novel stuff go here...Omaha's work
I spend so much time on here promoting, often inadvertently, the work of complete strangers; it's nice to finally give a bump to an immensely talented, genuinely humble person.

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