A Mess of Buckethead Videos

Alright I'm on a bit of a music related video kick here... bear with me.

I've always liked Buckethead, for a myriad of reasons. He's weird, he likes horror movies, his kabuki mask kind of reminds me of Michael Myers (or for that matter, Sgt Kabukiman NYPD), and most of all, he's a pretty amazing guitar player. I heard slash from Guns 'N Roses (a band Buckethead was briefly in, after it reformed) say once that Buckethead is an amazing technical guitarist who plays with no soul. Not being a music expert, I'm not really sure if that's true or not, but there is certainly something intentionally "inhuman" about Buckethead when he plays.

I also love the style of music, and particularly enjoy the mellow, trancelike nature of some of it. In fact I'd like to hear some more bands with this sound, in case anyone has any suggestions. I still can't hear "Big Sur Moon" without getting chills.

So in that spirit, I found 5 random Buckethead related videos on Youtube for you guys. I refuse to title anything I do a "best" list, because let's face it that's just retarded. So, here it is folks.

Live performance of "Jordan". This track is on Guitar Hero 3 as a bonus song.

This is "Pigs are People Too" by "The Cornbugs". That's Buckethead's band he has with Bill Moseley of "Texas Chainsaw Massacre II" fame. Go ahead and read that again till it sinks in. This is a fan made claymation video that almost does the creepiness of these two justice.

The aforementioned "Big Sur Moon" live on... PBS (?) His fingers flail about as if independent from his body.

"Soothsayer", live. This is a nice mid-tempo jam with a bunch of different sections to it.

And finally. I just learned something about Buckethead... he knows how to robot dance, AND use NUNCHAKUS. He is officially my hero. Stay tuned for the amazing jam session.

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