A Look Back At Corey Haim

So by now we've all heard the news about Mr. Corey Haim passing away this morning. An autopsy will be done but I think we've all pretty much figuring it's got something to do with a drug overdose.

From a horror fan perspective it's sad to see someone who starred in a classics like "The Lost Boys", "Silver Bullet" and the lesser discussed "Watchers" disappear from the map. From a "child of the 80's" perspective it's even sadder to see someone who never made a movie I didn't like go down such a rocky road. Yes not all of his movies were great but every one I saw was entertaining on some level. Even his cheesier work in the 90's was always good for a watch. If you've seen 94's "Last Resort" then you will always remember the phrase "YaYa sex". I know I do.

Was Corey Haim going to make a comeback? No, probably not. But even his short appearance in 2008's "Lost Boys: The Tribe" gave people a little smile, even if his scene was in the credits. I think the great thing about horror fans is the moment you make a good movie you'll forever be loved. Honestly even if you make a bad movie you'll probably be loved but I can't think of any other genre that's so accepting of people's faults. Corey Haim had been through some pretty rough patches over the past ten years but he could still go to any horror convention and be treated like a star.

It'll be interesting to see the reactions his death gets. Yes there's going to be a lot of jokes but at the very least it should push some of his great movies back into viewing. I for one am looking forward to a few marathons popping up on TV this weekend.


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