A Look at "The Dead Hour" Web Series

In the same vein of horror favorites "The Twilight Zone" and "Tales From The Crypt", comes "The Dead Hour", a horror anthology web series that will bring new and original webisodes every other week from the horror, science fiction, thriller, slasher and fantasy genres. Brought to us by creators Daniel Iske and Scott Coleman, each episode runs approximately 15 minutes in length and features an introduction by our host, DJ Raven.

What scares you? DJ Raven wants to know. She hosts The Dead Hour, a weekly radio program devoted to the shadows just beyond the streetlight's reach, the bumps you hear as you drift off to sleep, the nightmares that wake you up in a cold sweat. She brings these to you, one horrifying tale at a time.

I can honestly say that this series is great all around, with season 2 really hitting it's stride. Each webisode is full of great camera work, great acting and well thought out story lines. "The Dead Hour" is an extremely fun ride and a must see for all fans of the genre. Two of the webisodes that really stuck out for me were "Fright Fest," about an all night horror movie marathon gone wrong and "Backseat," an interesting take on the lovers lane legend, but with a twist.

Take a look at the teaser trailer for season 2:

The Dead Hour Official Website offers both seasons 1 and 2 of "The Dead Hour" for free, as well as behind the scenes photos, videos and interviews with the creators and cast members.



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