A Few Indellible Scenes From the Slashtastic 80's.

Eric's top 10 deaths from Friday the 13th got me thinking about my most memorable scenes from 80's slashers. It was harder to pin down than I thought. As much as I loved the genre, much of it has proven to be forgettable.

So, here is the one that has stuck most firmly in my mind for years.

And of course...

Although not a favorite this one certainly sticks with me. I generally dismiss the misogyny debate where slashers are concerned... this one though,it's hard to imagine that there wasn't a little globalized anger playing into it.

I'd add a link to the end of Sleepaway Camp, but we all know how that one ends. Not that it makes it any less great.

How about you, what sticks in you from the era?



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