9 Modern Slashers

Slasher killers have been around for ages and if you've seen Adam Green's "Hatchet" flicks, he's working hard to show you exactly what the early style was all about. Since the year 2000, there has been a solid handful of slashers, all trying to mix things up with their own recipes for carnage.

On the next the Bloody Good Horror Podcast, we cover "Hatchet 2", so why not take a look at 9 Modern Slashers to go along with the mayhem?

Victor Crowley - Hatchet

Adam Green wants us all to know that he's cool because he knows and loves the 80's slasher style. Luckily for him, he was able to get on the original old school slashers, Kane Hodder to sign on to the "Hatchet" franchise.

Chrome Skull - Laid to Rest

Was "Laid to Rest" met with accolades? Nah, not really. Their killer dujour for some gruesome scenes though. He was far more stylish than most slashers though, what with his luxury car and his shiny mask.

Leslie Vernon - Behind the Mask

The first person horror flick has been perfected and the mocumentary is ruled by the likes of Christopher Guest. Throw them together and you get a great little look into what it takes to put together your first legend massacre!

Jigsaw - Saw

Jigsaw isn't your typical slasher killer. Hell, technically he's still mortally dead. He lives on in spirit though and he has a knack for killing with a visual flare.

Killer - Midnight Movie

Monsters coming out of the movie screen to kill isn't exactly new; it's far from over done though. Killer is stereotypical what with his mask and his apron. He has some pretty catchy weapons though!

Babyface - The Hills Run Red

"The Hills Run Red" has some great qualities for a direct to video movie. It has William Sadler, and Sophie Monk is always nice to look at. The bloody fat guy in the baby mask is just flat out creepy though.

Jacob Goodnight - See No Evil

Remember when the WWE had the big story build up about Kane and his big brother Undertaker? There were house fires, dark pacts, all sorts of stuff! Why the hell didn't they cast Kane in a movie based on that?

Jonah - Dark Ride

Carnivals are always rife with murderers and such, but that's just because of the carnies. Mix in a nut job from the local funny farm chasing Jamie-Lynn Sigler around in the dark and that's entertainment!

Ray Williams - Plasterhead

Many low budget films try and bring to life a supernatural specter to take out teens, but most are more bark that bite. While "Plasterhead" has it's issues, it sets up a solid back story which is always important for the would be monster from beyond the grave.


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