9 Alien Invasion Movies

Ask any tin foil wearing conspiracy enthusiast and they'll tell you; we are not alone. With our powers of deduction and knowledge of xenomorph ideologies, we just know they're going to be violent and intent on kicking our puny earthling asses! Either that or a movie based on a ship full of tree hugging pacifist aliens just isnt' very exciting.

Battle: Los Angeles

Aaron Eckhart takes on an entire alien invasion force armed with nothing but his chiseled chin. It's dirty, gritty, a knock off of “Black Hawk Down” but by god it's handsome!

Independence Day

Who knew that aliens used Microsoft Operating systems? That’s how big Bill Gates is folks! If they were running their alien fleet on Apple OS, that whole virus thing wouldn’t have worked, right? WELCOME TO EARF.

District 9

I think we’re all still a bit shocked at how good this out of nowhere sci-fi epic turned out. I know I am!


Eric Balfour punching out giant space robots with his bare hands! See, he really does have the grapes to go with that smug look he wears all the time.

War of the Worlds

So, it was a stretch to think that Tom Cruise could fight off an Alien invasion by himself. That’s the power thetans folks. Well…it was the thetans or the aliens looking at Cruise and saying, “This dude’s nuts, let’s get the hell out of here.”


Pre-nutjob Mel Gibson faces off against aliens who’s weakness is water. This is still bugging me all these years later; if they melt in water, WHY THE HELL DID THEY COME TO A PLANET THAT IS 75% WATER WITHOUT PROTECTION!?!?! That’s like going to a rave without condoms.

Mars Attacks

Shockingly non-goth for a Tim Burton joint and packed with great over the top jokes! AND they turned Sarah Jessica Parker into a Chihuahua!

Starship Troopers

Is this movie a perfect rendition of the Robert Heinlein literary classic? Not even close! Is it a gore ball of action and fun? You betcha. Plus, Casper Van Diem! *swoon*

Invasion of the Body Snatchers

Give me some credit here folks; of course I’m talking the original, not that Nicole Kidman remake crap. Gregory Peck was THE man and this bit of old school and low-fi film making is a testament to what a good imagination can turn out.


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