8 Killer Cars

As of Monday, it's officially summertime! And as we all know thanks to Will Smith's song of the same name, summer is the time to dust off that old hooptey and enjoy a nice, chill drive.

That's all well and good, until your car comes alive and tries to attack you. We've done the research for you so you can avoid just this kind of nightmare scenario. So check out, 8 Killer Cars!

Blood Car

Oil is a major topic right now, so why not take in a flick that will make you aware of other fuel sources, such as... blood! And wheat grass. But mostly blood.

Maximum Overdrive

Stephen King can't direct a movie to save his life but he can sure come up with a good story to tell! Throw in some Emilio Estevez facing off against a giant semi wearing a hobgoblin mask and you've got some fine... okay not so fine movie watching to keep you inside in the AC.


Anybody noticing a trend with Stephen King here yet? He was eventually hit by a van, maybe he was having visions early on? At any rate, thank god King stepped down from the directors chair to let John Carpenter take the wheel of this motor monstrosity.

The Wraith

Back in the days when Charlie Sheen knew how to keep his sexual exploits a secret, he made this odd ball little one off about a ghostly moto-racer seaking revenge with his supernatural car. Sure, it was Charlie doing the killing, but how often do we get to see ghost cars in action?

The Car

Back in the day, before Babs came along and killed his thunder, James Brolin was the man. He was cool even when he was chasing about a murderous car, even before they knew it was posessed! Wait a minute ...didn't I hear about a movie just like this not too long ago? Like three entires ago?


Even Stephen Spielberg had to get in on the killer car act back in the day, though he strayed from the possed vehicle formula. Instead, he used the idea of a crazed driver using a rusty tractor trailor as weapon to terrorize desert roads.

Supernatural Episode 13: Route 666

I know that mentioning an episode of a TV show is stretching it a bit, but when the shoe fits, wear it! In "Supernatural" Episode 13, the Winchester boys face off against a ghostly AND racist pickup truck. Spooky indeed.

Death Race 2000

Once again, we step away from the supernatural vehicular homicide and get behind some good old fashioned murder. The best thing about "Death Race 2000, despite the snappy costumes, is watching this large group of Hot Wheels cars comes to life and race across the country. All while blowing each other up. It is awesome folks. Pure, unadulterated 40 weight awesome. (That's car guy slang for 'oil' in case you were wondering.)


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