8 Hotel Horrors

Hotels are supposed to be a place of relaxation and luxury, but that isn't always the case. Sometimes housekeeping decides to rifle through your underwear drawer, your neighbors have loud sex, or the manager is just bat-shit insane! Seeing as the Bloody Good Horror crew will be shacking up together next weekend for Horror Hound Weekend in beautiful Indianapolis, IN, it seemed quite fitting to remind everyone what the writing staff here could be in store for!


When it comes to hotel horrors, there is no room for debate; "Psycho" is the Grand Daddy of them all! Great suspense, a masterful performance by Anthony Perkins, this movie is legendary. It was also the first to make hotels just a wee bit creepy!

Motel Hell

I've got an odd craving for beef jerky now. "Motel Hell" is the epitome of the name 'B-Movie', but that's why we love it! Where else are you going to find a large group of people planted in the ground getting fattened up to be turned into delicious meat snacks?


"Vacancy" signified two important stepping stones in the career of Luke Wilson. First, this is the closest the man may ever find himself to Kate Beckinsale in a hotel bed. Second, this could be the last feature he's remembered for before he started shilling for AT&T!

The Shining

If "Psycho" is the Grand Daddy of hotel horror, then "The Shining" is the Creepy Uncle of the genre! Epic from beginning to end, I'd wager a lot of money that when you read the title "8 Hotel Horrors" the first thing you thought of was "The Shining".


The movie itself was hit or miss for most fans. It still packed some great spooky scenery and held some pretty intense moments. John Cusack is pretty dreamy too! Er... did I say that out loud?


Hey look, another John Cusack movie! Packed with twists and turns and a Busey, the movie was fun and a bit confusing and far more subtle than a M. Night Shyamalan vehicle. That's not really saying a whole lot though, so take that claim with a grain of salt.

Terror Train

I've always claimed that David Copperfield was a creepy bastard and "Terror Train" confirms my suspicions. The fashions of 1980 are pretty damn creepy too!

Prom Night

Now hear me out; yes, the movie is absolute crap. But, it DOES take place in a hotel! It also deserves an honorable mention for being the one film to almost destroy the Bloody Good Horror podcast, single handedly!


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