7 Summer Camp Movies

It's officially summer vacation across the country and that means that kids everywhere are preparing to go to camp! Summer camp is a great place for kids, what with the outdoor activities, meeting friends, and growing as an individual. It's just an unfortunate side effect that summer camps also happen to be magnets for nut cases and masked killers!

So as you pack your bags and prepare to leave your parents abode for a week of mosquitoes, sunburn and bad food, remember to throw in an extra weapon or two and bone up on your defense skills with this list of 7 Summer Camp Movies!

Friday the 13th

Sure, Ms. Voorhees has shown up on my lists before but you can't have a list of summer camp movies without mentioning the most popular. Besides, the only thing more embarrassing than your mother hacking up your entire camp is your mother showing up to drop off that pile of underwear you forgot to pack for the summer.

Sleepaway Camp

Summer camp is a place for discovery. You learn new skills and you learn about yourself. You also learn that sometimes not all little girls are built like the rest!

The Burning

Kids can be assholes sometimes and when they set fire to the camp's janitor? I'd say they have what's coming to them. Besides, the true horror here lies in the visage of Jason Alexander with hair.

Cheerleader Camp

Camp has always been a place where the older kids start to learn about sexuality. You pack a bunch of kids together in cabins with minimal adult super vision, those kids are going to 'explore'! Make it a cheerleader camp and that exploration's bound to get a bit freaky-deaky! Thankfully, our star Leif Garret is offset by the b-movie mastery of George 'Buck' Flower.

Summer Camp Nightmare

Viva La Revolution! One part slasher, one part "Lord of the Flies"!

Addams Family Values

Sure, the horror qualities of the Addams family is questionable. The movies are obviously comedies. Watching the goth Addams kids forced into a summer camp ran by Christine Baranski and Peter MacNicol is pretty enjoyable though. Especially when the camp has to do a full musical number to the tune of 'Eat me! I'm a turkey!'


Everybody's played something like 'Bloody Mary' when they were young. Head to the woods and change the mantra to 'Madman Marz' and your week at camp will become much more memorable!


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