7 More Needlessly Obscure Halloween Costumes For Horror Hipsters

So you went to 7 Halloween parties last year and out hipster'd everyone. But alas you have no more costumes to prove your superiority. Fear not fellow hipster intellectual! We are here yet again for: 7 More Needlessly Obscure Halloween Costumes For Horror Hipsters.

Good Guy Mascot (Child's Play)

'Oh what a cool Chucky costume' they will say. To which you will vehemently declare 'NAY I AM NOT THIS CHUCKY OF WHOM YOU SPEAK. I AM THE MASCOT FOR THE GOOD GUY DOLL COMPANY'. Seen for less than a minute in the original Child's Play movie, this terrifying costume was used in a commercial advertising Good Guy Dolls. The costume looks much more unnerving than any simple Chucky costume would ever be.

Zombie who looks like Jay Leno (Dawn Of The Dead)

This day and age, you can pretty much do 'zombie' anything, as a way to make a quick cheap zombie costume. Zombie Cheerleader, Zombie Nun, Zombie Blockbuster Employee, Zombie President. Add zombie before any noun and voilá you're all set. So protest this HACK Halloween costume by seemingly playing into it. In the 2007 remake of Dawn Of The Dead there is an extended sequence in which two characters shoot zombies who look like celebrities to pass the time. Here's where you come in, dress as a zombified Jay Leno and instantly correct the first person to label you as such. You are no simple paltry Jay Leno Zombie, you are a Zombie who looks like Jay Leno. Completely different. Sure you could be 'Zombie who looks like Burt Reynolds', but Burt Reynolds is a legend, and even hipsters know better than to mess with that beautiful mustache.

Mary Loomis as Norma Bates (Psycho II)

So you're a big Psycho fan and want to immortalize Norma Bates. However you've seen every single permutation on the character....or so you thought. I bring to you, Psycho II a film which adds two new characters to don the outfit of Miss Bates. Both Mary and her mother Lila play the role of 'Mother' for Norman Bates although you only ever witness Mary Loomis playing the part of Norma. This costume will require an extra layer in order for you to mimic Mary Loomis's outfit throughout the film, and have the iconic dress and wig atop it.

Dougie Jones (Twin Peaks: The Return)

If you were watching Twin Peaks: The Return you will understand a broad idea of what I am suggesting here. Dougie Jones is the third Dale Cooper, who is created as a vessel to trap our Dale Cooper once he exits the black lodge. However there are three specific stages of Dougie Jones for you to chose. Want to be the OG Dougie Jones? Well best find yourself a bad wig, and a horrible lime green suit jacket. Want to confuse and be a jerk? Dress as Dale Cooper trapped in Dougie Jones body. This will involve you dressing exactly like Dale Cooper, but acting very strangely, repeating everything people say to you for the entire Halloween party. Or my favourite Dougie Jones, which is exactly the same as the last one but you're happy and responsive, as seen in the very final episode of Twin Peaks: The Return. If you have a trio of friends, go as all three Dougie's in order to really spruce up the party.

Mechagodzilla (Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla)

In the 1974 classic Godzilla Vs. Mechagodzilla we are introduced to the films villain in a very deceiving manner. We see what appears to be our beloved Godzilla brutally attack and beat up his best friend Anguirus. During the fight Anguirus lands an attack which chips away part of Godzilla's skin revealing the metal monstrosity hiding underneath this disguise. This is where your costume comes in. You will covertly dress as Godzilla and leave only the slightest blemish on your costume that shows a metal carapace underneath. Thereby fooling everyone into thinking you are dressed as the king of the monsters, as opposed to the metal simulacrum you are truly portraying.

Ghoul Man (Plan 9 from Outer Space)

As the final film of horror icon Bela Lugosi Plan 9 has always had an interesting history. In the modern era dressing as any of its characters could be perceived as the act of hipsterdom, however there is an extra step you can take to solidify your place among the hallowed halls of horror hipsters....dress as Bela Lugosi's Ghoul Man after Bela Lugosi has passed away. For those of you unaware, after Lugosi passed away his role in the film was not yet complete. So they hired Tom Mason to complete all of the scenes that had not been completed. In the film you never see the face of the Ghoul Man instead it is a pale looking man with a cape shrouding his visage. He never puts the cape down and the only moments you see the character's face are when Lugosi himself is on screen. Have fun trying to drink out of the punch bowl when you can't remove a cape from your face.

Jack Torrance (The Shining Mini-Series)

It just doesn't feel like Halloween without at least one appearance from Stephen King. Celebrate his work by dressing as a character he wholeheartedly approves of, Jack Torrance from The Shining...miniseries. King despised Kubrick's adaptation of his work and is a big fan of The Shining miniseries made in 1997. Show your solidarity by dressing up as Jack Torrance as envisioned by Steven Weber. Trade your axe in for a croquet mallet. And turn your acting up to 11.




Ever since seeing Halloween 3 and 4 at a sleepover Horror films have horrified, and fascinated Andrew. This has led to a life long obsession, and a desire to discover the inner workings of the genre. Canadian born and raised, this Canuck is on a mission to see it all.

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