6 movies on a plane

I recently spent 10.5 hours on a plane. At first in situations like these, one considers American Airlines' on-demand style viewing to be a true stroke of good fortune. But used immoderately and without discernment this blessing quickly becomes one of those that finds even theater haters like me looking for Shakespearean quotes to express (with adequate gravity) the other side of the experience.

"Fortune brings in some boats that are not steered."

My six movies, in the order watched...

Believe what you hear, this thing devolves into a joyless slapstick monstrosity once the little rusty bastard leaves Earth. Yes, I know it wasn't made for sad 38 year old horror fan!

Filth: An account of woman who waged a war of morality against the BBC's lead programmer in the sixties. Does a nice job of not taking a side...then again movies that don't are often tedious, Not a good airplane movie, not good.

Journey to the Center of the Earth:
While watching this I had only one thought...Brendan Fraser is a more likable Jerry O'Connell who is a slightly more likable Ashton Kutcher who coincidentally is a completely unlikable Brendan Fraser.

Some BBC Judge TV show:
It was good but why is every protagonist on the BBC always going through 6 personal crises simultaneously whilst professionally displaying the wisdom of Solomon .

X Files: I Want to Believe:
I was never a huge fan of the show. Watching it did remind me that Gillian Anderson got somewhat naked in a magazine in the run-up to the last film. That was the only moment of airsickness I experienced during the flight.
Swing Vote:
Kevin Costner's career is exactly what Mel Gibson's would have been minus the personality disorder, the flaming sword of God, and the hallucinations of a Jewish Goliath lording over Hollywood trying to keep him from his next cinematic hate crime.

In case it doesn't read like one, this is a cautionary tale boys and girls. There are far worse things than airplane food.