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You may have noticed some funky things going on with our podcast feed recently. Long story short, we've had a large influx of new listeners over the last year, and the resulting crunch on our bandwidth has hit us pretty hard. It's why, for a while, you could only find one lonely new episode in the feed at a time.

All that has changed though, and let me tell you, we're incredibly excited about it. We've changed hosts over to Libsyn, an amazing company I would recommend to anyone starting a show of their own. No more worrying about bandwidth, EVER. Basically we're talking podcasts, podcasts for everyone!

IT'S IMPORTANT TO NOTE, NOTHING changes on your end. If you're already subscribed in the iTunes store, just open up iTunes and let the feed update, and BLAMMO, you should see a big surprise.

In addition to Episode 219 where we review "Paranorman", you'll find our full "Combinocast" with Night of the Living Podcast recorded at Horror Hound Weekend, a new "Dad & His Weird Friends" hosted by Casey, and TWO BRAND NEW Bloody Good Horror episodes! Episode 219 features a review of Fake Schnaars' latest, "The Apparition", and 220 features talk of Same Raimi produced flick "The Possession" from last week. (plus, a recap of the debauched proceedings at Horror Hound Weekend)

The moral of the story is, we're finally up do date with podcasts. My sincerest apologies for the lean times over the last few months, as in addition to our technical issues, I've been going through a rough time personally, dealing with the death of a close family member. All of that is behind us now, and we're ready to start delivering on the promise we made to our fans back in 2007.

We will still continue to sell back episodes of the show for the low low price of 99 cents each, as that revenue goes directly to sustaining the site and show itself. You can find those by going to our Podcast page, scrolling through back episodes, and purchasing those you're interested in. It's all done securely through Paypal, so it couldn't be easier. We will however be offering more FREE episodes in our iTunes feed for new listeners, a number which we've yet to determine. I can tell you this, it will probably be more than the current five.

ONE LAST THING ABOUT PODCAST DURATIONS... the two BGH episodes you see in there now may show odd run times, like "5 hours..." odd. I've discovered an error in the way I'm exporting files, that causes them to read with wrong metadata. With the next episode that will be fixed, but in the meantime, I assure you those are complete episodes around 60-80 minutes each. If you have trouble with them on your MP3 player of choice, direct download the MP3 file from our podcast page and load it up yourself. Or even better, stream it directly from our Libsyn page.

Hope this clears up some of the stuff going on around here lately. If you see anything you have questions about, email us at info - at - bloodygoodhorror - dot - com. Thankfully we've gotten our shit together just in time for the Halloween season, and we have even more stuff planned for the next two months. So thanks for being a fan, and if you like what you hear, make sure to leave us a review in iTunes!

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