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10 Stoner Flicks

Hey man, how's it going? Good? Yah, cool. You uh... one sec... hang on, let me cough this out... you want some man? Oh man, you know what's next week? Hey man, puff puff pass, don't screw up the rotation! What? What was I saying? Oh yah, you know know what's next week? 4/20 dude!

That's right folks, next week is the infamous 4/20! For the average square, April 20th means it's garbage day! For those of you that are 'down' however, it's the stoner national holiday! What better way to celebrate said holiday that with some bona fide stoner horror flicks! This weeks list contains a few obscurities, a choice or two that may require weed to watch all the way through, and there's even one that stars the grand master stoner himself, Tommy Chong! So clear your throat, grab your lighter and pick up some Doritos on your way over, it's time for 10 Stoner Horror Flicks!

Reefer Madness

You can't start a list like this without the grand daddy of all stoner movies! Made originally as a propaganda film to scare our precious youth away from that evil marijuana, "Reefer Madness" is now a stoner staple! This movie is so full of cheese, it goes great with a case of the munchies!

Friday the 13th

Okay, the pot connection is slight here but it can't be ignored. In this 2009 remake, we learned the true reason that Jason Vorhees is constantly pissed off and killing everybody he encounters; he's a pot farmer! Or so they would lead us to believe.

Reefer Madness: The Movie Musical

With the original being such a cheesy classic, how can you make it even more campy? Add musical numbers! It turns out, the end result is fantastic! With such a stellar cast, such as John Kassir, Kristen Bell, Neve Campbell and Alan Cumming, you can't go wrong. I could be biased though. The movie contains Kristen Bell in bondage gear and to be honest, I'll give that 10 stars on its own!

Evil Bong

If you mix one Tommy Chong with one Charles Band and blend copiously with one giant bag of weed, you get a giant killer bong! Beyond that, I remember there was this one funny looking guy and some other stuff going on, but that shit was KILLER dude!

Toxic Zombies

If you're a policeman, how do you get rid of a crop of weed out in the wild? You can't burn it, the smoke will blaze out the entire populace in which ever direction the wind is blowing! It's best to go at it willy-nilly with a bunch of toxic chemicals! You better watch out where you're spraying them though cause you might wind up with a brand new crop you can't handle!

Blood Freak

So this biker's cruising through town and happens across this chick. They hit it off, so they go to a big drug party later that night! Afterwards, she takes him home to her dad's turkey farm. Dad hates the fact his daughter is on drugs though, so he wants to take out the drug dealers. What better way to do so? Turn the biker into a giant mutant turkey! I can't say for sure if weed would make this movie make more sense, but I feel pretty confident saying it was written under the influence.

Class of Nuke 'Em High

Ah yes, a Troma classic and quite possibly the best stoner flick on the list. Do you know what happens when you build your town around a nuclear power plant? You grow toxic weed of course! Not only do you get a killer buzz, you get a hell of a mutation and a thirst for blood as well.

The Tripper

The giant country side music festival is a staple to the drug culture so it was only a matter of time before some one made a horror movie about it. Kudos for them to making their killer a Reagan obsessed hippie hater as well! The surprising thing is that "The Tripper" is a pretty enjoyable flick, seeing as it was written and directed by David Arquette.

Idle Hands

How can you not enjoy this movie? You have Seth Green and Elden Henson running around as a couple of pot headed zombies and Jessica Alba in her undies. It's got Fred Willard too! The only thing this movie didn't come with is a jar of peanut butter and maybe a bag of Oreo's cause I think I got cravings now, man...


Now, "Shrooms" isn't directly related to pot, but it does have people tripping balls! When 4/20 rolls around, do you think it really matters how you do it? Of course not, as long as you do it! Sure, there are some dry parts here but it's hard to pass up a man running through the Ireland forests in his skivvies talking to sheep when you're talking about a list of stoner movies.


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