10 Killer Toys

Tis the season once again, where the fat man in red comes with a license for breaking and entering to leave behind loot under the trees of good boys and girls everywhere! With the pressure on the Elves in the North Pole this time of year, its understandable that sometimes they just can't hold up under the stress. When one of Mr. C's elves crack under the pressure, that's when we find ourselves facing the most dangerous enemy of all... killer toys!

So, to celebrate this season of caring and sharing, I give you a list of "10 Killer Toys". This way, if you catch one of these goodies staring back at you from the depths of a gift bag, you'll know well in advance that it's time to start running!

Also, props to our very own blogger Joe for supplying the idea for this week's list. Luckily for you he's a sick bastard.

Puppet Master

Charles Band has pretty much an entire film studio dedicated to his own unique brand of terror. The first and foremost of these products is the classic "Puppet Master" series. For the record, Leech Woman was always my fave!

Demonic Toys

Charles Band really is the master of 'killer toys'. Nobody has done it quite as much or quite the same as he did. Despite what you may think about the movie, jack in the boxes are still scary.

Dolly Dearest

While it was an obvious attempt to cash in on "Child's Play", this was back in the day when Cathy Crosby was hot stuff! So yah, points for that!


This one's low budget in both appearance and plot, but it has its moments. If nothing else, Norbert the ventriloquist dummy has some good one liners!

Child's Play

Chucky is synonymous with killer toys. There were some before him, there were some after him. Chucky still remains king of the hill however. After all, he sounds like Brad Douriff and is nailing Jennifer Tilly! He's gotta be cool!

Black Devil Doll

Sure, the horror may come from the script itself, but it's safe to say that "Black Devil Doll" will shock you at some point!


You may not remember the Stuart Gordon directed "Dolls", but I bet you remember its cover staring at you off the VHS box.


I don't care what anybody says. I'm 35 years old and clown dolls still scare the crap out of me. Screw you Tobe Hooper.

Trilogy of Terror

If Karen Black doesn't scare you, how about a killer Zuni fetish doll! Even cooler? All of the shorts in this one were based off of short stories by horror maestro Richard Matheson. This killer toy nugget, "Amelie", was adapted for the screen by the author himself!


Turn a young Ethan Embry into a hot shot virtual reality gaming stud and give him a killer robot as a prize! If the robot can learn, it can evolve. Much like a Furby.


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