10 Horror Tinged Fairy Tales

Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" has now invaded our theaters and our visual senses, so it seems only fitting that we take a trip down fairy tale lane. Fairy tales and horror go hand in hand; many original fairy tales are filled with terror and violence all on their own! We couldn't be content with just taking them at their face value though, can we! So today, join me as we take a look at 10 Horror Tinged Fairy Tale movies!

Snow White: A Tale of Terror

Sure, dwarves are cute, but when you dig into the original Grimm Brothers version of "Snow White", they were a little more grizzled. "Snow White: A Tale of Terror" isn't completely authentic, but it is much closer to the original than the other well known version of the same tale! Mix in some Sigourney Weaver being evil and you've got yourself a fairly watchable movie.


Rumpleforesk...Rumplestillsk....Rumple... screw trying to remember his name, I can barely spell it. Trying their best to capitalize on the mediocre success of another diminutive fiend of forklore, 1995's "Rumplestiltskin" was a bit of a flop. Well, more like a lot of a flop. Good thing for director Mark Jones he already had "Leprechaun" under his belt.

Gingerdead Man

"Gingerdead Man" has made the list before, but that's just a testament to how truly great it is! Combining many aspects, I can at least say (with a straight face) that it is unlike any other movie you've ever seen.


Starring Reese Witherspoon and Keifer Sutherland amongst others, the true story behind "Freeway" doesn't reveal itself right away. Once you start to see the lines being drawn however and such names as "Mr. Wolf" come to light, you can see quite quick where this little story is going. My, what a big brain splatter you have on the wall Ms. Shields!

Jack Frost

Michael Keaton tried to make the story cutesy, but screw that. This is a horror site! No, to make the story of a man come to life in a snow man seem...realistic and entertaining, you have to have him slaughtering people. It's really the only way it could work.

Little Otik

Let's go international here and bring up the odd little Czech fairy tale brought to life in "Little Otik". It starts out innocent enough; a woman is distraught over being unable to bear a child, so her husband shapes a tree root into the shape of a child to console her. It's when the baby root starts to get hungry that the fun starts!


They couldn't have tried any harder to make this fit the fairy tale mold; they named their main character Cinder! Beyond that, all the basic elements are there. Evil step moms, distracted fathers, etc. It's when Cinder winds up dead and the zombies start to show up that this fairy tale amusement becomes a bit of a stretch.

She Creature

Carla Gugino and a mermaid! Do you really need any more reason? How about some Rufus Sewell to spice things up and the fact that this little made for TV R rated feature was the remake of a 1955 kooky horror flick? But really, Carla Gugino and a mermaid.

The Tooth Fairy

You know what kids? The Tooth Fairy is sick and god damned tired of having to tip toe into your rooms night after night to try and sneak your gross dead teeth our from under your pillow. And the money! Have you seen what inflation is like these days? It's gone from twenty five cents to nearly five dollars! Ridiculous. And she doesn't even get paid for this crap.


Who wasn't afraid of the Boogeyman at one time or another growing up? Too bad for the film makers, this movie wasn't one of the times we were all scared. Dealing with a disturbed man's child hood fears, the movie itself isn't the easiest to watch, but some good acting from Emily Deschanel and Lucy Lawless do manage to help matters. A little bit anyways.


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