10 Horror Teamups

The horror genre is no stranger to the "buddy" team up, even though they may not be obvious at first glance. Here's 10 such teamups for your next buddy movie marathon.

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

Running strong in the festival circuit, “Tucker and Dale” brings together the majesty of a bearded Tyler Labine and a grimy Alan Tudyke. The natural comedic timing between these two lugs is astounding! Watch it, enjoy it.

Abbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein

If you thought I could have a genre team up list without Abbot and Costello, you’ve seriously underestimated me. This pair is legendary even today!

Enemy Mine

There was a short time in the 80’s where Dennis Quaid was a bonafide Hollywood badass. He was super cool and a fairly physical dude. Pairing him up with Lou Gossett Jr. made for a surprisingly gripping stranger in a strange land style story.

Fight Club

Ed Norton and … Ed Norton put together an entire cult started simply on making soap! That fact that Ed Norton managed to unknowingly team up with his own self makes this duo even more exciting!


Poor Skeet Ulrich. Too bad he couldn’t swing this into a full career a la his confidant Matthew Lillard. Er…Matthew Lillard still has a career, right?


If you would have told me a few years ago that a Michael Cera clone would become a genuine zombie slayer, I’d have laughed at you. Luckily Jesse Eisenberg had a badass like Woody Harrelson to train him in the way of head bashing.


The Winchester brothers do such a good job at the partner/buddy setup that they gave them a TV show! I say that because their cruising back and forth slaying beasties across the Midwest is a reality show, right? Right?

From Dusk Till Dawn

Back in the days before that whole “Attack of the Killer Tomatoes” thing was well known, we were all surprised to see George Clooney jump from “ER” to a horror flick! Even more surprising, his turn as a slimy criminal alongside Quentin Tarrantino was actually pretty damn effective! Too bad they couldn’t keep the Gecko Brothers alive for the horrid sequels.

Funny Games

I could go on about how well roles of the psycho pairing of Paul and Peter was pulled off in this 2007 remake, but I’m pretty sure nobody went to see it anyways! They looked nice and crazy in the trailers though!


What’s this? Tyler Labine on this list, twice? His turn as Bret Harrison’s best bud Sock on “Reaper” just proves the fact; Mr. Labine is destined to become the best ‘best buddy’ in screen history!

The Honorable Mention:

Casey and Louis of BloodyGoodHorror

I mean, look at these two badasses? How could you not want us on your side when facing off against a psycho killer? Surely you’ll be able to run faster than either of us!


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