10 Horror Punks

Horror comes in all shapes and sizes these days. So far with these lists, we've covered many aspects of film and even a few comic books as well. This week, we're going to tune up our axes and do some shredding, except we're going to shred some tunes instead of your neighbors.

The punk world has always crossed over with horror. The same anti-establishment traits run through the songs as well as the plot lines of many films, not to mention the costumes! Over the past few years, horror punk has seen a big rise in popularity with some garnering more attention than others. Sure, The Misfits and Gwar have been around for decades and even the young pups on the street like Tiger Army are fairly well know these days. Here below are 10 Horror Punk Bands that aren't quite so well know. Except for The Cramps. One must pay respect where respect is due.

The Cramps

When it comes to horror punk, you have to include the grand-daddy of them all, The Cramps. With the recent passing of leading man Lux Interior, an era has passed on in the world of rock and roll.

The Creepshow

Pyschobilly, the horrafied cousin of your standard rock-a-billy, is by far the biggest sub genre out there. With this newer band, the bass is moving, the chicks are wailing and they're just plain old fun.

The Groovie Ghoulies

To put it simply, this band sounds like a mashup of Saturday Morning Cartoons and your favorite late night horror host. With lyrics spelling out the terror of your typical B-movie, fun is had by all. Sadly, they broke up in 2008.


As a bassplayer, upright bass is kind of my thing. So are big haired goth girls playing said basses.


Blurring the fine line between psychobilly and straight up punk, the Nekromantix sound reminds you a bit of your typical 1950's greasers terrorizing the local drive-in on monster night. And there's nothing wrong with that.

Creature Feature

This band is brand new with a new album comign out here soon. This is one of the rare times that I received a random friend invite on Myspace from 'yet another band promoting themselves' and found myself blown away a bit by their sound.


If the Misfits followed The Vapors lead and turned japanese, they'd be Balzac. You have everything you need; fuzzy guitars, corpse paint and 'woah-oh-oh's'.

Zombina and the Skeletones

This Liverpool band is far more pop than any of the others, but they love their old fasihoned b-movies just as much as the rest. As a matter of fact, you'll find them on the soundtrack of a few low-budget indie horror films as well.


This band takes their schtick straight from the Ramones, down to the leather jackets and same last names. They bear a bit more horror-cred however as you'll be able to see them soon in the upcoming film "The Graves" directed by Brian Pulido as well as other indie films such as "Chainsaw Sally".

The Other

It's possible you may have seen The Other back home in Germany under the first name, The Ghouls which was a Misfits cover band. Growing tired of following in somebody else's footsteps, they opted for a new name and fame all of their own.


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