10 Horror Movie Pranks Gone Wrong

This Thursday marks the day that everybody on the internet sees themselves as comedic geniuses. They wow us with their intellect by making sarcastic web site skins, leaking fake news stories and making the servers of Snopes.com crash under the weight of every single person on the internet trying to one up each other. That's right, it's April Fool's Day!

The horror genre has used many facets of real life to try and turn a scare and the prank gone wrong is no exception. Everybody loves a good time until it explodes messily in your face scaring you and your friends for life! Reciting the redneck mantra of "Hey man, watch this...", let's take a stroll through horror history and see 10 movies where pranks went wrong.


Everybody loves to pick on that quiet kid in class. Maybe it's just me, but dousing her in pigs blood in front of the entire school at prom is a little much. I'd go as far as to say you got what you had coming to you when she flies off the handle.

The Burning

You can't have summer camp without pranks, but it's all fun and games until somebody sets the janitor on fire. Why won't anybody think of the janitor? If you really need something to make fun of, make fun of Jason Alexander with hair. He's not going to have it for much longer.

Slaughter High

Class reunions really aren't that fun for anybody. You're older, you're balding, you're out of shape and all of those jock's are still douche bags. It's even less fun when you're the class nerd that got disfigured that last time you were all together 10 years ago.


The only good Christian Slater is an angsty Christian Slater! When Winona Ryder comes to you and says she's having a hard time dealing with the cool girl clique at school, it's only natural to assume that you have to go over the top to really impress her.

April Fool's Day

Sure, this one only half counts due to the outcome, but how can you have a pranks gone wrong movie without including the only one that takes the name to heart? Tom "Biff" Wilson and a sadistic Deborah Foreman are just icing on the cake.

The House on Sorority Row

They remade this one some sixteen years later but the idea is the same. Sorority chicks are just as wild and crazy as frat boys and sometimes good times go bad. They still look fabulous while killing each other though whether it's 1983 or 2009!


Jocks are a mean sort. We've all had our problems with them. Poor Tamara's forced to come back for revenge from beyond the grave when they get a little too aggressive in their game of slap & tickle.


Us guys, and that includes David Borneaz, fear nothing more than being turned down by you beautiful ladies. That's why it's always so hard for us to approach you and have to resort to things like stalking you on Facebook, peeping into your windows late at night to watch you sleep and rummaging through your laundry.

Hell Night

The formula's easy; you have to go spend the night in the local haunted house. Make it through till morning and you're in! Sounds easy, right? They forgot to tell you that you had to spend the night with Linda Blair.

Terror Train

Nerds have a myriad of issues that you can choose to latch on to and make fun of them for. Why do you have to latch on to their virginity? We hold that pretty dear you know. You were all virgins once too you know. If you ever tricked me into thinking I was going to lose my virginity then turn it into a school wide spectacle, you can be damn sure I'd plan an elaborate train ride for you fraternity brothers and your girlfriends, hire David Copperfield, and stalk you all down one by one in elaborate plot.


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