10 Aquatic Themed Horror Films

In case you hadn't noticed, it's Summer time folks! And judging from the chafing that's going on between my meaty thighs, it's one of the hottest ones that we've had in quite awhile too.

Sometimes the summer swelter can be overcoming but there is an easy remedy to take care of the sweat and fatigue that comes with the beating sun; go for a dip! The water is cool and refreshing and hell, a good swim is even good for you! That is until you realize that there are thousands of killer creatures that live in the water, both of the known variety and the unknown.

We've all felt that momentary twinge when swimming across a deep lake that there's something hideous that lives down in the danrk depths. Check out this list of 10 Aquatic Themed Horror Films to find out what may be waiting for you down there, jaws agape!

Open Water

I don't like swimming in the ocean; never have. There's just too much depth out there and the shore's too far away to be convenient. If I'm going to be stranded out in the middle of it all, left to fend off a pack of sharks? It's going to be a short movie; I'm swimming into the gullet of the first shark to show it's face just to get it all over and done with.

Creepshow 2

The second entry of this classic Romero/King anthology still sticks with me to this day. Most swimming holes are just nasty anyways with their fish stank and globs of algae floating about. I'm still convinced at age 36 that that green glob algae may see me as a plump and juicy snack.


You can't have a list of water based horror movies and not include the original flick that made grownups around the world afraid to go swimming in the ocean. Sure, maybe the shark was a bit over sized, but there's still plenty of regular sized ones out there today that could view your particular beach as Coupon Night at the Golden Corral.


Where "Jaws" made the oceans a nightmare of unseen teeth and destruction, "Pirhana" scaled down the scares and made the rivers unsafe to tread as well. Sure it was campy, but that's half the fun!

Deep Blue Sea

I don't know about you, but I were to find myself on an undersea laboratory surrounded by genetically altered smart sharks? I'd definitely want Samuel L. Jackson on my side. Thomas Jane doesn't hurt either, he's pretty manly too! We might as well throw L.L. Cool J in there for some fresh beats to keep us entertained while we're at it. It gets kind of boring on the bottom of the sea after all.

The Creature From the Black Lagoon

"Creature" is the last untapped classic from the Universal Monsters heyday. If you want to remake something, give this guy a shot! He may be green with gills and envy, but he just wants his chance to shine!


"Jaws" was crowned king of oceanic terror which made the killer whales jealous. They have the word "killer" in their names after all, they can't let some boring old shark hog all the fun.

Humanoids From the Deep

The government is known for its wanton ways in the realm of experimentation, so naturally they're responsible for this rash of mutants rising from the waters to rape our women. Thankfully, Roger Corman was there to give us all the heads up of this finned rape machine invading our shores.


Sure, this one pretty much ripped off "The Thing", but it has Peter Weller in it! I'll give anything horror related with Peter Weller in it the once over. The guy's creepy, what can I say?

Deep Star Six

"Deep Star Six" took the elements of "The Abyss", made their aliens more of the killer variety and mixed Nancy Everhard and Nia Peeples in for some spice. I happen to like spice. It makes your common cheese filled flick more of a 'fiesta'! Ole'!


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