Who the hell is this guy?

So a few days ago, Casey hit Twitter with a call for bloggers over at Bloody Good Horror, a site I was only marginally familiar with through the Horror Hound association, admittedly, a magazine I am only marginally familiar with (through no fault of my own, it's hard enough to find Rue Morgue up in here) but here's the deal: I'm a closet narcissist in spite of my carefully planned outward humility and can't help myself. Give me a place to write and I'll probably write in it and what's more, I love to read my own writing much like I love to hear myself talk. Planning a horror themed podcast any time soon?

So here's a big what's up to everybody out there in the blogosphere that dripped blood. I'm Bryan White, editor of Cinema Suicide (http://www.cinema-suicide.com) and the latest addition to the Bloody Good Horror sydicate. Since a very young age, I've wasted precious years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds and whatever microscopic measurements of time fall beneath seconds watching movies that most people would consider abominations. Because of what are most likely characteristics of autism, I have cataloged frightening amounts of data in my noggin about these movies. Go ahead ask me anything about a genre flick. I can probably talk at length about it. Not that I'm tooting my own horn. I just calls 'em like I sees 'em. Not only do I love them, specifically horror movies, I tend to find qualities in them that I think most people gloss over. Because of my fanatical devotion to these qualities and a strange compulsion to tell perfect strangers about them, I take just about every opportunity to write about them on forums. I even went so far to start up my own blog dedicated to them. But one is not enough!

No! The rigid confines of my own blog couldn't hold me and I have obviously spilled over into new venues, such as this fine web-based publication.

So I'm not even sure what to tell you what to expect. I'm told I can run wild in this space but I'm not the sort of person who would post just ANYTHING. When that happens you read long winded, self congratulatory blogs like the one you're reading now. Maybe I'll talk about the modern mythology of Lost and how people who jumped ship after season 1 should have hung in and those who couldn't tough it out through season 3 missed season 4, one of the most compelling seasons of genre TV since X-Files Season 4. Dig?

I don't know. Maybe I'll just write about horror movies.

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