Whedon's Dollhouse is fast approaching

Finally! Friday February 13th at 9 pm you can guarantee I will be glued to my television. You know what, you should all be glued too.

After re writes and re shoots and date changes we will finally get to feast our eyes on Joss Whedon's latest project, 'Dollhouse'. FOX has already begun teasing the promo in between 'Hell's Kitchen' and 'American Idol' (wow I hate FOX). Before we know it that fateful Friday will be upon us. Friday isn't really a great time slot either... So, what should we expect?

The trailer leaves me excited and optimistic. As does the nifty press kits. But I remain cautious. I refuse to get all fangirl and end up defending something that blows. I have endless faith in Whedon, but Eliza Dushku is another story. Her acting is spotty at best and the promos end up making it look like the Eliza show. Hey, Whedon and FOX aren't stupid. They have a recognizable name/face so they are going to use it.

Everyone, including Whedon himself, is likening this to the unfortunate events surrounding 'Firefly'. Let's not let this one die!

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