Vampires: Thoughts, fears and soul searching.

I remember when "30 Days of Night" hit theaters. I remember wanting to see it. Well I recently saw it... I'd say it was the catalyst for my confusion. I suppose you could say I once had a soft spot for vampires. At least I think I did. I may hate them now.

OK, hate is a strong word. It's possible I'm just over them. In my youth I adored "Bram Stoker's Dracula" and "Interview with the Vampire". I read the Vampire Chronicles. I enjoyed the 1979 "Nosferatu" and the truly amazing "Shadow of the Vampire". "From Dusk Till Dawn" still ranks as one of my favorite films. I am obsessed with Buffy and Angel. In theory, I LOVE vampires! I have a "Bram Stoker's" tattoo...

So what's my problem? Why the sudden disinterest in the genre? Why don't I care about Twilight or True Blood? I care so little that I don't know much about the aforementioned entities. I'm just board by the whole thing. Much like the zombie, I fear the vampire has grown stale.

Nothing seems new or different anymore. I suppose "30 Days" made an attempt to differentiate. I haven't read the base material, so I can't really speak on that, just the film itself. I hated it. It was boring, predictable and far longer than it had to be. The things it did to make itself different just aggravated me. They spoke a strange language. They had weird faces. They had an aversion to sunlight. They were brutal and calculated, yet hollow and uninteresting.

So I must ask myself, what changed? Is it the way the vampire is portrayed or is it me? I have no patience left for the romantic Rice vampires of yore and I'm not a gore hound in any genre. I can't help but feel if there isn't a ruffly shirt then there is some hardcore throat ripping. This is where I jump to "Let the Right One In".

"LtROI" is everyone's new darling. After much deep, introspective thought, I have to say it is my darling as well (although, again, I haven't read the base material). It's common to hear it described as "not really" a vampire flick. I can see that, sure. But it is. It explores a few untouched genre themes and puts it's own spin on a few deep and somewhat boring mythos. There is a bit of truth when people say "it isn't a vampire movie". Maybe that's why I like it.

With popular genres, subgenres, mythos etc, certain themes arise. Formulas are developed and they become easy to follow. Why create new rules when you have successful ones laid out at your feet? And maybe that is the root of my issue. I have seen it all before and I want someone to break the rules. My little 14 year old mind was so untouched when I saw my first string of vamp infused films. Oh innocence, why can't I have you back?

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