"Twilight" & How I Will Never Understand It

Everywhere I turn there is a new "Twilight" poster or clip or trailer or magazine cover. I find myself asking "wtf is twilight"?

OK, so it's a book. It's a young adult style novel from what I understand. I think it must be said, since I'm breaking it down to bare bones, that it's a book about vampires. Teenagers and vampires. I think I threw up a little. It kind of sounds like something I would've tried to write when I was 15. Good for Stephenie Meyer's though. She wrote a popular book. I sincerely doubt it's a literary classic, but you don't see me sitting here pumping out the next War and Peace.

Taking the path of many novels, Twilight the book is now "Twilight" the movie. It seems as though it is marketed solely to tween girls. I never realized their was an "I wish my boyfriend was a vampire" niche. I mean, Buffy was a teenage girl and Angel was a handsome, rugged yet kindly vampire... I digress. This really does seem like an hour long FOX "drama". Or maybe UPN, right after One Tree Hill.

I suppose I am being so cynical because I just don't understand it. Handsome, ivory skinned vampires in love with 17 year old girls? I'm pretty much over the romantic Anne Rice vampire. Is this movie going to be any good?

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