Trailer: "Big Top Evil" (2012)

Creepy clowns have always been at the top of my horror movie guilty pleasures list. The trailer for the trailer for the upcoming "Big Top Evil" is chock full of creepy clown goodness and I'm definitely looking forward to checking this out. The film, directed by Sean Haitz and Chris Potter, is described as an indie circus thriller with a bit of dark comedy mixed in. It was filmed on a 20,000 dollar budget in the famous circus town of Sarasota and even includes famous circus acts from the Ringling Brothers and high wire act, Alex Wallenda. Check out the official synopsis:

A group of mid-twenties friends are on a road trip to visit Mangrove County, the scene of the increasingly infamous Mangrove Slasher massacre. On their way they encounter a few problems and meet Candy, a country girl with a dark side who suggests they spend the night at her parents’ motel, which just so happens to be next to their family-run circus. What these travelers don’t know is this circus is filled with sadistic cannibals. When a ragtag threesome of outlaws unexpectedly show up, guns-a-blazing, things really get out of hand. Not wanting the infamy of their very own massacre, the group must now fight their way out of a literal freak show of psychotic clowns, demented half-human creatures and a couple of giant galoots that all work for a circus family dead set on keeping their secrets safe.

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I like horror movies. That is all.

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