Tokyo Gore Police Review

Last night I finally saw it. I have 2 words... holy crap.

In a futuristic Japan where the police presence is privatized, you have the Tokyo Gore Police. These officers maintain order and a sense of safety throughout the city. They also have kick ass stand offs with crazy mutants called "engineers". Ruka, played by Eihi Shiina of "Audition" infamy, leads the bloody charge against all engineers. It's also important to note that these so called engineers all have a strange key shaped tumor in their bodies. Oh, and they miraculously sprout weapons from their wounds. Seriously. If you take off a hand, it grows a chainsaw. Again I say to you, holy crap.

As I'm not keen on play by play style reviews, I'm going to leave the synopsis at that. You don't really need to know much more. Hell, you don't even really need to know that. There is nothing hard to follow about this film. "Tokyo Gore Police" is not shy. There is an abundance of blood, gore and over the top violence. At any moment it could have all been too much. Had they pushed the story further or been any more zany and off the wall, the whole tone of the movie would have been lost. It is a perfect blend for American audiences.

"Tokyo Gore Police" is clever yet still absurd and I absolutely adored it. It is what it set out to be, and it achieved it better than I expected. Goofy dialogue and spurting fruit punch blood is only the beginning. There is so much more to this film and I can't say enough positives.

Watch it in a group and collectively groan in disgust and laugh raucously; but know what you're getting into. This movie is an unapologetic feast of depravity.
And I loved it.

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