Tokyo Gore Police

When I first heard of "The Machine Girl" I was open to the idea. Revenge, severed limbs, Asian school girls, whats not to love? Then I saw the trailer and it totally turned me off. Sure I knew it would be low budget; I knew it would be over the top. The bright red crayola blood just caused my "this movie is going to be a dumb waste of time" switch to flip. So when I got the chance to see it in theaters, I declined. Apparently I was just too good for something so low brow.

Oh! How I regret it!

Enter "Tokyo Gore Police" . The trailer is odd and I may have been mildly disturbed if everything wasn't so goofy. I don't know if I'll enjoy it. But as a genre fan I owe it to myself to give it a whirl.

It's screening in NYC at the Pioneer Theater October 3rd through the 9th. You better believe I'll have a lot to say about this.

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