"The Stepfather" Remake Coming In October

In 1987 every kid who parents were divorced sat up at night in fear that their mother would get remarried to Terry O'Quinn. Why you might ask? Well Terry played Jerry Blake in the movie “The Stepfather”. I have to admit that any time I even thought my parents might be arguing I would burst into their room and beg my mom not to marry Terry O'Quinn because he’ll kill us. Alright that last part might be a bit of a lie but it doesn’t make this movie any less frightening.

Jump forward 22 years and I am still petrified Terry O’Quinn is going to murder me. But the questions now is will I be afraid that Dylan Walsh is going to move in with my wife and me and eventually try to kill us in our sleep. I’m guessing no but we won’t be 100% sure till October 16 when the remake of “The Stepfather” hits theaters.

For those out there not familiar with the original movie the story is pretty simple. Jerry Blake, played by Terry O'Quinn goes around remarrying divorced women looking for the perfect family. Unfortunately it’s hard to live up to old Jerry’s high standards and eventually the family ends up dead. Fail your mid term? That’s a killin. Drop the pass in the big game? That’s a killin. Get caught neckin out at inspiration point? You bet your sweet ass that’s a killin.

I haven’t heard a ton about this remake but it’s actually signed on some pretty big names. As I mentioned Dylan Walsh of “Nip/Tuck” fame will play Jerry. Sela Ward will play the mother with a heart of gold but decision making abilities of crap. And probably most notably super hunky "Gossip Girl” heart throb Penn Badgley will play Michael, who I don’t remember being in the original. You can check out the full cast rundown on the film's IMDB page.

Unfortunately I think this one has PG-13 written all over it (editor's note: Yup, the rating was announced today). You never know what could happen though. Nelson McCormick is taking on the directing role for this. That guy directed about 7 episodes of Pam Anderson’s “V.I.P.” and the “Prom Night” remake! Crap... we’re screwed.


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