The "Paranormal Activity" Frenzy Continues

It's the feel good hit of the summer. Well alright it's Fall but it's still a pretty interesting story. After last week's screenings of "Paranormal Activity" the buzz around the film keeps getting strong. A handful of screenings took place last week for the film, most of which sold out and many people were turned away. A lot of this can be credited to the film's heavy viral marketing campaign.

For those of you not up to date on all the online magic this film has started, a few weeks ago a number of cities were announced to be screening the haunted house film which is shot mostly on security cameras. Along with that, an online petition was posted where fans could rally to get the film shown in their area. Well the idea worked, gaining over 200,000 requests and "Paranormal Activity" has blown up, showing in Boston, New York, Austin and a number of other locations across the country. In total the film made a solid $80,000 from it's screenings. Not too shabby for a movie that doesn't even have a release date.

The obvious goal is to get the film out for a wide release. You can continue to show your support by going online and demanding the film in your area. Oren Peli has even taken to the youtubes in order to get your support. You can check out a quick "thank you" clip below and expect more to be released over the next few weeks as the push to get the film out to a wider continues.


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