The latest theatrical trailer for the first person POV "Quarantine"

The theatrical trailer for "Quarantine" is haunting me. It keeps popping up as if to mock me. In my never ending quest to hate on all remakes without question (and be cynical in general), I MUST have negative feelings for this remake of "[REC]". There's also that whole first person zombie debacle that shall remain nameless. It may have soured me forever! Here's my "Quarantine" problem, I can't find a valid reason to hate it! Yeah sure, it may very well suck. There's a good possibility it will pale in comparison to its Spanish counterpart. But this trailer further solidifies my need to see it. I am a sucker for first person POV flicks. Oh and I love Jennifer Carpenter because she's Dexter's sister. I might actually have to eat my hat and like this film...

Teaser trailer below. Here is the latest 2 minute one.

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