We all have that one movie we have to watch around the Halloween season, and what better way to enjoy that film than with a nice frothy beer? Boos and Brews chronicles the BGH crew's favorite Halloween-time movies, paired with a delicious beer. Drink up!

The balance between horror and comedy is often difficult to maintain, because they are impulses that exist nearly on opposite ends of the spectrum.

Director Steve Miner has had more than an interesting directing career; he has had several interesting directing careers within the span of a single artist’s lifetime.

Ever wonder what Joe thinks of the Judds? Also, we talk about "House".

It's that time again! Halloween time, where we at Bloody Good Horror deliver some of your treats in the form of 'List O' Mania"!

Houses. We all live in them, in one form or another (except Casey - he lives in a cardboard box behind a book store). Our homes makes us feel secure, warm... safe. Yet houses have the ability to be some of the scariest & most unwelcoming places on Earth, either as a shell hiding a horrific past or becoming a living, breathing entity of pure malice - Movies have captured the gauntlet of these spooky houses. So let's look at some of our favorite scary movies with "House" in the title!

Jack and Stephanie are on their way to Montgomery for a counseling appointment to help them recover from the loss of their little girl. On their way there they are waylaid by a car accident and forced to shelter at The Wayside Inn, a creepy old mansion in the Alabama backwoods. Leslie and Randy are an unmarried couple who are also calling the Wayside home for the night. But by the end of this night there may be no one alive to tell the tale; because the Wayside Inn is no ordinary house.