The Gift

The Best

1. It Follows

There are few things scarier in this world than haggered looking old and nude people following you around. Seriously though, It Follows is a methodically paced and haunting flick with an absolutely killer score.

2. Ex Machina

A movie full of awkward stares.  Just full of them. 

Some directors make low-budget horror films because they love the excitement, the transgression, and the lack of boundaries that are inherent in working with such an unregulated arena; some directors make low-budget features in the hope of creating a calling card for their skill and work their way up into big-budget, mainstream filmmaking. And there are those rare occasions when someone works in low-budget horror, gains the notoriety and mainstream success, and comes back to low-budget horror simply because they still love it. Sam Raimi is one of those rare occasions.