Religion almost always takes one to the chin in any horror movie that decides to use it as a tool. The Devil's Doorway is no exception. Female filmmaker Aislinn Clarke doesn't just throw a wicked haymaker at the long dark history of religion that no one wants to talk about, but drop-kicks it in its tender bits on the way down.

The subjects of pregnancy, birth, and motherhood have proved to be one of the most fertile grounds (pardon the pun) in horror fiction in both longevity and richness. They are tropes that relishes in some of the most drastic of physical changes brought upon the human body while also confronting or affirming how our culture views women and regards the female body. These thematic and ideological questions become more complicated when translating these stories to the visual and auditory world of cinematic representations, including television.

Giving birth is the weapon humanity has against the constant attempt of nature to destroy it, the yin to death’s yang.