william forsythe

Films that 'save' a generation of horror cinema often leave a legacy of low-budget atrocity in their wake, but it sometimes feels like no movie has inspired so many terrible movies as Scream. Indeed, the premise of kids who know everything about horror movies being trapped in a horror movie scenario sounds as if it a) cannot fail and b) writes itself. For these same reasons, the self-aware teen slasher is tempting to untalented screenwriters – it's practically a Mad Libs, really.

There’s a fascination with serial killers that runs through us all. You could turn on your television right now and it probably wouldn’t take long to find a program about a serial killer, be it a detective drama, a documentary, a tabloid show, a movie or maybe even the news. For most of us the fascination only runs deep enough to watch them on tv or read a book about them, but there is a subgroup of people who are so enthralled with real life killers that they want to connect with them. You hear anecdotal stories all the time about mass murderers who get fan mail, photographs and marriage proposals while incarcerated but “Dear Mr. Gacy” is the true story of a boy who made more of a connection with a notorious murderer than he ever could have dreamed.