horror movies

Take a deep whiff of the air around you. Go ahead, a nice long intake through the nose. It smells of dying leaves, cooler air and the pumpkin spice tinged farts of ghosts. It’s October 1st and for us Halloween types, it’s the best time of the year.


I was recently browsing the internet and came across this article on the NY Times Site about a mysterious website that recently popped up that uses your Facebook information

I recently came across an article published by Jason Zinoman of the NY Times discussing what makes horror fans and horror directors tick.

Born and bred from the untamed, wild regions of New York, metal up-and-comer Selfish Needy Creatures don't really care if you want to kiss them or kill them. Just so long as you listen. They'll be out again on the road in a few short weeks, but before that tour is scheduled to start, singer/lunatic Vegas Nacy took some time to talk horror movies with me. Take it away, Vegas!