retro vhs covers

Walking through the horror movie aisles in the local video rental shop, "Ghoulies" was one of the VHS covers that always stuck out to me. Clearly, based on the cover art, the movie was going to be chock full of little green suspender wearing monsters who lurk in toilets and tear apart unsuspecting people who had to go to the bathroom. The cover terrified me. Unfortunately, by the time I was finally able to wear down my parents into letting me rent the movie, I realized the movie wasn't much more than a "Gremlins" knockoff, with a few chuckles in it.

I'll always remember walking down the aisles of the horror section at our local mom and pop video rental store, Gary's Take-Out Video. While my parents were busy chatting it up with Gary, I was introduced to VHS cover art of the horror variety. Wandering down the aisle, I was greeted by hundreds of VHS tapes, each one displaying promises of chainsaw wielding maniacs, scantily clad women meeting their macabre ending and monsters straight out of the depths of hell. I was in love.