Horrorhound Weekend

Bleary-eyed and soaked in chlorine, cheap pizza, joy, fulfillment, and margaritas, some of the BGH team comes to you with a list of 13 Hot Takes from this year’s Horror Hound Weekend Indianapolis (HHW).

If you're lucky and say your prayers every night this week, Surprisingly, Magnolia will be handling distribution this time around. Good for them.

While everyone else and their kinky grandmother is attending HorrorHound Weekend, I will be sitting quietly in my living room, staring blankly at the June 7th release date for Noboru Iguchi's Japanese gore epic "RoboGeisha" I've marked on my 2010 Adorable Kittens calendar. Can you tell I'm pretty excited about this one? I thought so.

You know what's fishy about the launch of the official "Piranha 3D" website? No trailer. In fact, there's not a single promotional clip to be found anywhere on the page. If the studio wants me to stay interested until August 27th, they'd better deliver a theatrical trailer in HD post-haste. Pretty please. With Elizabeth Shue.

This weekend, throngs of horror fans, podcasters and bloggers will descend on the quiet streets of Indiapolis for Horrorhound Weekend.