jennifer tilly

Jeff Lieberman's "Remote Control" gives us an inside look at what happens when a video store clerk unearths an alien plot to take over the world with a 1950's sci fi movie that brainwashes its viewers into becoming mindless killers. Jennifer Tilly stars in this horror comedy alongside a pre-Entourage Kevin Dillon. I must admit, this was one of my favorites growing up, though I haven't seen it in years and I'm pretty sure this is one of those movies that you re-watch for nostalgic purposes only. From what I've read this one is pretty hard to come by, as it has yet to be released on DVD.

Drew Barrymore stars in this low budget thriller as 14 year old Joleen Cox, an angsty teen who is finishing a cross country trip with her dad when they run out of gas in a small desert town in Nevada. They wind up stuck in an old trailer park full of every stereotypical trashy character you can think of. While Joleen's father is searching for gas and chatting up fellow stranded drivers, Joleen catches the eye of two of the local boys. Admist all this, there's a killer on the loose, who seems to be targeting Joleen.

While I have no way of actually proving it I'm 99% sure that Jennifer Tilly is a robot. I've had a boyhood crush on her for most of my life now and she's looked almost exactly the same the entire time. Case in point is the trailer for her new film "The Caretaker". Your average run of the mill kids get trapped in a house with a killer on Halloween film. Will I see it when it comes out on DVD February 23rd? You bet your hot ass I will, it's got Jennifer Tilly in it. Robot or not she's still pretty awesome. Check out the trailer below for yourself.