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Directed by Charles Laughton, "The Night of the Hunter" is about a demented serial killer and self proclaimed preacher (Robert Mitchum), who seduces a widow and torments her children in order to find out where her executed spouse hid a large sum of stolen money.

"You gotta shoot 'em in the Head!"

In 1980 the simple and insulting joys of Bruno Mattei ("Rat"s) and Claudio Fragasso ("Zombie 4: After Death", "Troll 2") fused into a flawless union of zombie pork. Also known as "Virus" and "Zombies of the Savanna", this new-standard-of-bad film is set in Papua New Guinea but filmed solely in and around Barcelona and Rome. Music from "Dawn of the Dead" and stock footage from a French film "La Vallee" (which was actually shot in New Guinea) were included in an attempt to squeeze in some credibility. The efforts do not pay off in increased production value or overall quality. What they do is help to create a bonanza of Frommagio/Queso that elevates "Hell of the Living Dead" into a rare sweet spot of sour; one that is reserved for films like Tommy Wiseau's "The Room" and Marino Girolami's "Zombie Holocaust". Enter at your own risk.

French filmmaker Jean Rollin is a familiar name to all who enjoy Eurotrash cinema of the 60's, 70's and 80's. His movies often show the hallmarks of lost funding battles and abbreviated shooting schedules; but Rollin also delivers a lot of incredible imagery in the process. It is not uncommon to find deeply impressive visual moments like that shown above side by side with poor acting and incomplete story lines.

Rollin had this to say about the actress pictured above:

Don Seigel is a seldom referenced genre-film giant. His resume is punctuated by two landmarks, 1956's "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and 1971's "Dirty Harry". Equally worthy are "Charley Varrick" (1973) and the film shown here, 1971's "The Beguiled". The film follows Clint Eastwood as Corporal John McBurney, a wounded Union soldier taking refuge in a Confederate girl's boarding school during the American Civil War. McBurney is an unscrupulous Lothario who manipulates the pubescent girls and their spinster headmistress both for survival and sexual fancy. The games eventually catch up with McBurney and the maidens of the house swing from sweet to sinister, a snapshot of which you can see above.