torture porn

There are a lot of low-budget horror movies that are light on plot and character development, but few take it to such extremes as 2011’s “Orphan Killer.” This movie doesn’t let silly little things like story get in its way. There’s just a masked killer, some dark corridors, and a hot chick on the run. More than anything, it’s a throwback to early eighties slasher movies with a little “Saw” thrown in for good measure.

"If it's Halloween, it must be 'Saw.'" That's what the commercials have been trumpeting. And being as this is the sixth straight fall to play host to a "Saw" release, it's hard to argue with the facts. That message's recipients, however, will likely be sharply divided on its intentions: celebratory rallying cry or menacing threat of inevitability.

More often than not, people tend to think I'm a bit touched in the head because I shamelessly enjoy what many refer to as "splatter films." Since horror movies stopped giving me the proverbial willies years ago, I satisfy my thirst for the genre by diving face first into pictures that rely heavily on gore, grue, and wanton bloodshed. My favorites are always light-hearted and incredibly silly, delicately balancing gallows humor with an insane level of on-screen violence.

Residents of Britain hoping to get their misshapen hands on a copy of Kôji Shiraishi notorious "torture porn" adventure "Grotesque" (aka "Gurotesuku") may have to look elsewhere for their fix.