More often than not, people tend to think I'm a bit touched in the head because I shamelessly enjoy what many refer to as "splatter films." Since horror movies stopped giving me the proverbial willies years ago, I satisfy my thirst for the genre by diving face first into pictures that rely heavily on gore, grue, and wanton bloodshed. My favorites are always light-hearted and incredibly silly, delicately balancing gallows humor with an insane level of on-screen violence.

Residents of Britain hoping to get their misshapen hands on a copy of Kôji Shiraishi notorious "torture porn" adventure "Grotesque" (aka "Gurotesuku") may have to look elsewhere for their fix. According to The Guardian, the British Board of Film Certification (BBFC) has rejected the film's bid for, well, certification. Why, exactly, have they turned their noses up at this low-budget splatter-fest? Let's have a gander at their explanation.